Celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and His Association with the Labor Movement

As we celebrate the birthday, legacy and teachings of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, let’s also remember that he was also prophetic. His admonitions about the dangers of not addressing the nations’ historical millstone of social and economic inequality was prescient; given our current American Dilemma.  Many of the solutions to todays’ issues can be found in his intersecting of the American Labor movement and the Civil Rights movement. This short clip shows the implications, then and now,  of heeding his call for social and economic justice.  Happy Birthday, Dr. King.

Al Riley
State Central Committeeman, 2nd Congressional District

Summer Meet and Greet Fundraiser

We hope you can join us on the outside patio for a wonderful evening as we unite and galvanize Democratic voters in the Second Congressional District and constituent counties. Good government and good politics start at the grassroots level. Thank you in advance for your consideration. Email news@2ndCDscc.com with any questions. Click HERE –> to contribute online with a credit card.

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Al Riley

Democratic State Central Committeeman, 2nd Congressional District