It’s never been more important for you to vote in this Primary Election.  There are fine, competent people who wish to represent you.  To earn my endorsement, one must have knowledge of the issues germane to the office, have a track record of service and exhibit selflessness in their words and deeds. Those we elect to represent us should have the ideals of inclusion, fairness and prosperity for all.  These Federal, state and local candidates all exhibit those lofty ideals. Recent rulings and actions have shown us the importance of electing a judiciary committed to the rule of law.  The judicial candidates endorsed here have backgrounds which indicate that basic, vital commitment.  Please encourage your family and friends to vote up and down the entire Democratic ticket.

Below is a list of candidates I am supporting and early voting location site links in the 2nd Congressional District. 

Early Voting Locations



  • Alexi Giannoulias for Secretary of State (Campaign Website)
  • William Davis for State Central Committeeman – 2nd Congressional District (Facebook Page)
  • Robin Kelly for State Central Committeewoman – 2nd Congressional District (Facebook Page)
  • Erin Slone for State Representative – 79th District (Campaign Website)

Cook County

Will County

Kankakee County

  • County Board District 5 – Jimmy Frey
  • County Board District 8 – Ray Chamberlain (Ray Chamberlain)
  • County Board District 10 – Marlene Aumiller
  • County Board District 12 – Araceli Sharper
  • County Board District 13 – Jessica Andrade
  • County Board District 18 – Robert Ellington-Snipes
  • County Board District 23 – Larry Kerkstra (Campaign website)
  • Democratic Precinct Committee Persons
    • Ray Chamberlain for Manteno 3
    • Marta Perales for Ganeer 1
    • April Minniefield for Ganeer 2
    • Jimmy Frey for Aroma 1
    • Kimberly Hudson for Kankakee 1
    • Gary Ciaccio for Kankakee 5
    • Jane Binner for Kankakee 7
    • Cherry Malone Marshall for Kankakee 8
    • Lenora Noble for Kankakee 9
    • Rebecca Jordan for Bourbonnais 1
    • Jamie Bosman for Bourbonnais 2
    • Victor Usen for Bourbonnais 14 (write in)
    • Terry Schnell for Bourbonnais 16
    • Al Whitmon for Bourbonnais 18