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Justice Thomas Kilbride is a man of integrity. He is also a man who cares deeply about making sure that every Illinoisan has access to the judicial system; a system steeped in fairness for all. How do I know? I had the pleasure of meeting him when I was in the House of Representatives. Often members do not visit each other’s branches unless there is something being heard in their chambers. Justice Kilbride would make it a point to visit the General Assembly on many occasions, often speaking to members on an informal basis. That is something that is very rare and collegial in its very nature. Justice Kilbride made it a point to also attend social functions such as banquets, retirement parties and other venues through the years. This is indicative of a man that does not want to hide behind with all the judicial trappings. He is a respected man of the district and man of his firm beliefs. 

Justice Kilbride has wide ranging support including from fellow jurists, law enforcement and former United States Attorneys. His opponents are putting up some scurrilous and untrue statements about a man whose fairness and judicial temperament is a matter of public record. Why is that? Well, maybe some people just don’t like fairness and equal justice under the law for all.  Sound familiar?

On November 3rd, retain a great jurist, Justice Thomas Kilbride for the Illinois Supreme Court. 

State Central Committeeman Al Riley 


As a student at Illinois State University, Kilbride helped organize community support for the first-ever collective bargaining act for farm workers in California.

Kilbride also spent his first seven years as a practicing attorney for Prairie State Legal Services in Rock Island, where he helped low-income clients deal with domestic violence, unemployment insurance, mortgage foreclosure, and housing evictions cases.


Justice Thomas Kilbride with State Central Committeeman Al Riley as they honor James Harris, Chair of the Monee Township Democratic Organization for his years of service.

Justice Kilbride was instrumental in the creation of a commission on “Access to Justice” to help increase access for all citizens to the court system.*  He also supported the “JusticeCorps” initiative that trained volunteers to assist average citizens with civil legal matters when they could not afford legal representation.   

* The commission was created to meet the growing demand of increasing numbers of people who lacked legal representation, according to Justice Kilbride. “What we tried to do is bring judges, lawyers, clerks, and other stakeholders in the court process together to figure out how to make our courtrooms more accessible,” said Kilbride. (“State Supreme Court Justice Kilbride Discusses Illinois Judiciary Branch,” February 18, 2019, Knox College Office of Communications.)

Acting Coroner Laurie Summers, Committeeman Al Riley and Justice Tom Kilbride at the Black Bar Association of Will County Annual Barrister Ball in 2016 helped raise funds for local scholarships

Please vote YES to retain Tom Kilbride as a judge on the Illinois Supreme Court. Tom’s commitment to fairness makes him an outstanding justice.

To learn more about Justice Kilbride, please visit his campaign website.

“Living up to the ideal of equal justice for all is an ongoing challenge, especially in a state with [many millions of citizens who] represent deep diversity,” said Judge Kilbride. “With the help of fellow justices, courts, staff, and concerned citizens, we have moved this initiative forward in the past couple of years but have more work to do.  Illinois courts have the responsibility to guarantee access to the justice system.”

Vote YES to retain Judge Tom Kilbride on the Illinois Supreme Court. 

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